Our Farm



Where are we located?

Osprey Farm is located in Willamina, nestled in a small valley up Willamina Creek in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range. We started our farm in the Spring of 2013 growing vegetables on an acre for our small CSA. Our farm quickly expanded from one acre to twelve acres in vegetable production over the course of four seasons. Now we serve over two hundred and fifty CSA families! In the Winter of 2016 we moved our farm to Willamina, and now are expanding our year round CSA offerings to both Salem and the Oregon Coast . Osprey Farm leases ground from farmer and friend, Susan Richman of Belle Mare Farm. Osprey Farm and Belle Mare are collaborating together to jointly manage Susan’s 170 acre farm with a rotation of vegetables, grains, cover cropping, and pasture for animal grazing. We encourage all of our customers and CSA members to come out and visit the farm!




What are our growing practices?

At Osprey Farm we grow food, soil, and community. We grow a diversity of vegetables, grains, dry beans, and fruit using practices that build the soil and promote the health of our local community. We are not Certified Organic. However, all of our crops are grown without the use of GMOs, chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or any other poisonous or harmful substances.

To control weeds, we use mechanical and hand cultivation. We also utilize cover cropping for weed suppression.
To manage pests and diseases, we take advantage of our extremely diverse array of crops by rotating crops around the farm so that diseases and pest populations don’t build up and get out of control. We use practices that build healthy soil, which produces healthy plants that are capable of fighting disease. We also plant species that support beneficial insects and promote ecological balance.

For our primary, immediate fertility needs (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) we use a composted chicken manure product produced locally.  For long term fertility, we use cover cropping to capture, store, and recycle soil nutrients, build soil organic matter, limit erosion and leaching, and promote a healthy functioning soil ecosystem.  Our goal is to create a robust soil ecosystem in order to produce the highest quality and healthiest food. As the old adage goes: It is the soil that feeds us.





Our mission is to grow healthy, seasonal food that is affordable for every member of our local community using ecological methods that minimize the use of inputs produced off the farm. We endeavor to responsibly care for the land by practicing soil conservation, building soil fertility, and promoting healthy ecosystems that enrich the biotic community.


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