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Summer Squash




Torpedo Onions


Sorry, there’s no newsletter this week.  That’s because we took the time we normally spend writing and used it to harvest our 2013 onion crop!  The onions are big and beautiful this year.  They’re currently curing in our greenhouse so that they’ll be ready to store over the winter. With any luck these onions will be flavoring all of your (and our) meals until spring onions arrive next year.


Onion Harvest 2013

Red Cooking Onions

Red Cooking Onions

Onions curing in the greenhouse

Onions curing in the greenhouse


Pickling Cukes Coming Soon!

Canning and pickling season is just around the corner, and we are now taking orders for pickling cucumbers. If you’re a seasoned pickler, you know the goodness of home-canned pickles. If you’ve never had a home-canned pickle or have never made them yourself, we encourage you to give it a try this year. Send us an email with the quantity you want, and we’ll harvest them for you to pick-up at our CSA pick-up locations in both Hillsboro and Salem.

$1.25 per lb
10% discount on orders over 15 lbs.