Week 22, Summer CSA


  • Collard Greens
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower or Romanesco
  • Broccoli
  • Peppers- varieties TBD
  • German Butterball Potatoes
  • Sugarloaf Chicories
  • Leaf Lettuce Mix
  • Carrots

Farm Happenings:

This week we are  continuing with our survey responses. Thanks for all the feedback.


One of the questions we asked on the survey was what produce you would like to see more or less of during the season. This is one of the most helpful questions for us as it helps us to get to know our member’s preferences.

Some of you mentioned that you want to see more exotics and others wanted to see less. We try our best to find a balance , which can be tricky. While we like to provide the basic staples we also are here to help you eat seasonally, which does mean branching out and trying new things!  CSA’s are all about supporting and eating a diversity of locally grown foods. Don’t be afraid to ask us what to do with something new, because before you know it these less familiar vegetables will become a regular staple of your diet that you look forward to eating each week.  If you did want more exotics, please let us know what vegetables or varieties you are looking for or if you just want to see them more frequently.

This year was a cool, wet year, so some things were in less abundance especially compared to last season, which was the hottest summer on record here in the valley. Melons and sweet peppers like the warmth and were less prolific this year, but cool loving crops like broccoli, cauliflower, and snap peas were abundant thanks to the milder weather. As CSA members, you are taking part in what each season brings, which is largely dependent upon weather. We try our best to work within the confines of the weather to provide you with the greatest diversity possible, but we too are dependent on what the seasons bring.

Quite a few of you joined us midseason and missed some of the early and mid summer crops. Green onions, garlic scapes, and snap peas grow best in early summer when the weather is cooler. We have loads of basil and green beans through July and August. We hope you join us for the full Summer season to catch these veggies! Next season we will be growing more potatoes. Last year we doubled the size of our potato planting and will continue to increase it next year as we gain new members. More early season varieties will be there for you potato lovers in early August through September.

The only vegetable that someone mentioned wanting to see less of was summer squash.  Summer squash and cucumbers are unique crops that must be picked at least twice a week to keep them producing well. During the main summer season we bring them almost weekly, so that the plants stay healthy and productive. Since we bring them almost every week along with tomatoes, we usually bump the number of items we bring to 10-12 rather than the normal 8-10 . This gives the opportunity for you to have ample choice if you don’t want to take these particular items. The beauty of the market style is that you are not stuck with anything. You choose what you take home each week!


Week 1 Newsletter - Winter 2014

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