Week 21, Summer CSA


  • Yakina Savoy
  • Escarole
  • Green Chile or Poblano Peppers
  • Russian Banana Potatoes
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Parsley
  • Onions


Farm Happenings

Thanks to all of you who took our survey; we appreciate all of the thoughtful feedback that we received.  We were elated to see how overwhelmingly positive your feedback about your CSA experience is.  Over the course of the next few  weeks we will be responding to all of your comments in the newsletter, especially addressing any critical feedback that we received (feedback that we really appreciate!).

This season we moved our pick-up location to the Broadway Commons, which has ample space and parking for us to run both our Summer and Winter pick-ups in the same location. For us, it has worked better than all our previous locations especially as the CSA expands. We plan to keep this as a permanent location as long as the opportunity is available.  The major challenge for the “market style” CSA is to find a spot that works for everyone in a larger city with traffic issues.  The CSA is grows we will consider adding additional pick-ups to make the CSA more convenient for people who do not live near downtown.  A second pick-up in South Salem would probably be our first addition. As we add more pick-up locations we will try our best to find locations that are easily accessible by bus or bike as many of you use alternative transportation. Thank you for the reminder!

The survey showed that the majority of you were happy with the quantity, quality, diversity and price of share. As first generation farmers it is incredibly encouraging to us to have a community of people who support us as we learn to navigate the many challenges of growing vegetables. When your career depends upon the dynamics of the natural environment it is a huge challenge to provide a high quality, consistent product. There are a multitude of factors that determine quality and we try our best to provide as much diversity and the best quality that we can. We are thankful to have a group of people that understand this challenge and are willing to communally support us as we learn the intricacies of soil, seeds, pests, and weather. We try to be our own harshest critic, and every year we feel more confident in our ability to grow!

There were only a couple of you that expressed dissatisfaction with the quality, quantity or diversity of the selection. We would love to hear more details from you about how we can improve in providing better quality or what vegetables you felt like you would have liked to see more of. If there were any specific quality issues that you can recall, please let us know so we can make sure that you are getting the value that you are paying for. This sort of feedback is really important to us! We want our members to feel comfortable telling us if something they took home did not meet our quality standards right away so we can address it.  If we don’t know about it we cannot address the issue, whether it is on the growing end (disease, pest, weather stresses, etc.) or on the processing end (how we wash, pack, store or deliver).

Concerning the cost of the share,  the vast majority responded as “very satisfied,” but some expressed being only somewhat satisfied.  We would like to remind and reassure those folks that compared to the farmer’s market and the store-bought organic alternative, you are getting a much better deal and higher quality by being a part of the CSA. As farmers, we are constantly trying to fight an uphill battle to provide ourselves and future employees with fair wages as we work in one of the most strenuous and underpaid industries. We hope to write more about this issue in upcoming newsletters to help people understand why we charge what we do.

Thanks for your feedback! We will continue with survey feedback next week.


Week 1 Newsletter - Winter 2014

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