Week 20, Summer CSA


  • Leeks
  • Summer Squash- The plants are slowing down, get your fill before they are gone.
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Arugula
  • Salad Mix- Mix of lettuce, yakina savoy, mizuna, ruby streaks, and chickweed.
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Watermelon- Sweet red fleshed, seeded watermelons. Enjoy this fall treat!
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Eggplant


Farm Happenings: 

Moving a farm is quite an undertaking; the farm has been bustling with activity over the past two weeks! First priority for us is keeping up with all the fall harvests and then second is setting up infrastructure at our new home in Willamina to house those harvested vegetables.

The winter squash made it out of the field and they are all laid out in our greenhouse to finish curing before we store them away for the winter. The bright colors are a site to see as they fill the whole greenhouse, almost double of what we grew last year. More varieties and greater quantities of each variety. Winter Squash is a staple in the winter diet so we were excited to have one of our best plantings of squash this year!


As we start to grow more in quantity one of our biggest bottlenecks in our farm is having ample storage space. Our 8’x8’ walk in cooler is jammed packed with our weekly harvests and when winter storage vegetables make their way into it the area is literally filled with vegetables from floor to ceiling with some vegetables not making it in at all. This means we have had to limit our Winter CSA in numbers.

Now with a farm location that can house bigger infrastructure we are investing in a bigger cooler and a bigger dry storage area where we can store our onions, winter squash, garlic, dry beans and corn. Last year, some of you may remember, we purchased a 24’ insulated shipping container that served as our dry storage. This year we are converting this structure into a walk in cooler. This container will be about three times as big giving us ample space to store our winter crops and summer harvests as our farm grows. To replace this dry storage we have used our FSA loan money to purchase a new 40’ insulated shipping container. These two pieces of infrastructure will be huge for our farm! Up until this point we have been limited by our storage space and now we can be limited more by what we can grow and sell.

Our first moving project has been to excavate our “building” site to flatten the ground. We hired a friend to help us do this and then they also helped us lay out gravel over the whole area. We will use this area to house our dry storage, cooler, wash station, equipment storage area and greenhouses. Now that this has been completed and the shipping containers have been delivered we are focused on getting electricity to our site so we can get the cooler up and running, hopefully before the end of fall harvests! It is a race against time as we work with PGE as they slowly move at a snails pace towards getting us electrical access. While we wait we have plenty of other tasks to keep us busy.


This upcoming week we will be focusing on getting our dry corn out of the field and planting our overwinter garlic, onions and trial lettuce crops. These will be our first plantings out in Willamina, so it will be exciting to get more of an idea of what the soil is like out there.

We hope you enjoy this bountiful harvest as we start to wind on down the last quarter of the Summer CSA. There is only six more weeks left (last week November 24th) . If you are planning to join us for winter don’t forget to register soon.


Week 1 Newsletter - Winter 2014

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