Week 16, Summer CSA



  • Spinach
  • Slicer Tomatoes
  • Fennel
  • Basil/Dill
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Peppers/Poblanos
  • Leeks
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Melons (Salem)


Farm Happenings:

Late summer is a busy time of year for us farmers. Our favorite time of year when the nights are a little cooler, the pace slows a little with the sun coming up later and setting earlier and earlier each night. It is also a time when all the little projects of the year that have piled up absolutely need to be done before the rains come and before the harvests can be completed. Rising early every morning and working late we hurriedly are preparing for storageP1050862, harvest and processing of all our fall crops. This includes figuring out our dry storage situation for the Winter.

Yesterday we finally made the decision to purchase a 20ft insulated shipping container to convert into our dry storage building. Since we are in the position of moving in the next year or two we needed to build or purchase something that is easily movable, but large enough to store all of our crops. Looking at the time and money involved in building a structure and then deconstructing and reconstructing it again on a new property just wasn’t worth the time, energy and stress especially since some of the crops are ready to go in it now! So this week we will be clearing out a space for our new storage room and hopefully we will have it cleaned out and ready for use by the end of the week. Yes! One more thing checked off of the list.


Finished weeding Winter storage carrots this past week. They are looking good!

Every day it seems like we are getting more established as a farm with every little tool we purchase or with every piece of infrastructure we build. It is nice to know that after putting in the leg work this year, next year we won’t even have to worry about building dry storage or greenhouses. It is exciting to see things come together.

The main reason we were stalling on building a dry storage was because we were looking at leasing a property with a house, barn and storage buildings already set up on a 90 acre property only 10 minutes or less from our current residence. With the prospect of moving onto a big piece of land with room to store equipment and vegetables we were holding off as long as we could to see if it was going to work out. Unfortunately what seemed ideal in the onset wasn’t quite right for both parties involved, so we decided to hold off. We are both feeling a bit relieved that we aren’t moving yet, because the property would have been wonderful, but a lot of work! We are right on track with where we hoped to be and we want to be careful not to derail ourselves.

The exciting thing about looking at this property was sitting down and looking at our budget for the year to see if we could actually afford a place like this. It is quite a big jump for us to go from living for free in a side apartment off of Jesse’s parents house (many thanks to Jesse’s parents) to renting a large house with land by ourselves. It was surprising to actually see that we could make it work after living with such a tight budget over the last couple of years. As we told our friends and family this is a win-win situation whether we get the property or not, because instead of paying rent we will be purchasing over the course of the next year a dry storage that we can take with us where ever we move, a box truck with a ramp so we don’t have to break our backs lifting thousands of pounds over and over again each year, irrigation pipe and potentially if things go as planned P1050822put a down payment on a primary tillage tractor.

This has been a great season for us thus far and we are thankful for all of your support. You are the one’s we have to thank for helping us acquire these key pieces of our farm. We hope to continue to support you all with delicious, healthy food for years to come. Enjoy this week’s share.



Week 26 Newsletter

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