Week 7, Summer CSA



  • Summer Squash
  • Cucumbers-Make sure to check out the newsletter this week for information about the five different varieties that we are growing this year.
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Salad Mix
  • Cilantro
  • Green Cabbage-This unique variety, Caraflex, is bred for it’s tall, cone shaped top!
  • Sweet Onions- Enjoy these long, slender torpedo sweet onions. Excellent for fresh eating!




Farm Happenings:

The month of July has been an eventful one thus far! Our marathon of a month (that is strangely only half over) started with the 4th of July parade in Hillsboro where friends and family helped spread the word about our farm and CSA. Chloe’s dad offered to drive our Farmall cub and a crew of volunteers helped us hand out over 1500 flyers to parade attendees—a fun way to promote our farm!

The same week as the parade we had another exciting event. We were incredibly lucky to come across a tractor, an Allis Chalmers G, one that we have been on the hunt for since we decided to start our farm. The “G” is a different style of cultivating tractor that allows us to weed more efficiently because it’s engine is mounted behind the driver’s seat, leaving the ground in front of the operator completely clear for optimal visibility. When we started looking for our first cultivating tractor this spring we were both set on finding a “G”, however, we could not justify spending double or even triple the amount than if we went with a Cub.

P1050245The “G” that we found was just a few miles from Salem and the seller was only asking a couple hundred more than what we had bought our tractor for. We hurriedly contacted the seller, hoping that someone had not already snatched up this deal. Surprisingly we were one of the first to contact him and before we knew it we were driving home our “newest” old tractor set up with cultivating parts and a new seeder that attaches to the belly of the tractor.

With the parade done and the new tractor bought, trying our best to set aside our excitement for the moment, we moved on to our next big project: sowing the cover crop on our 9 acres that we are officially now managing. It was a huge relief to see 400 lbs of tiny seeds being tucked into the soil. But the project isn’t quite over yet. Now, with our single line of pipe, we have to keep watered our 3 acres of vegetables plus an additional 9 acres of cover cropped land in 90+ degree heat! It looks like irrigation pipe will be the next big piece of infrastructure that we will have to purchase—and soon. With the help of Jesse’s brother, Sean, we have managed to complete the first round of irrigating and the seeds are just now starting to pop up—never ending lines of green stretching across the fields.

With all these big projects we are managing to keep our heads on our shoulders, and the vegetables are alive and growing! We are still adjusting to the growing pains as we build up our infrastructure in the mid-season when everything is at it’s peak. But nonetheless we are still managing to get most things done and new vegetables are ripening weekly!

The tomatoes sure are loving this heat, with the first few cherries already ripe and the slicers just beginning to blush. Enjoy two delicious signs of summer, cukes and squash, in this week’s share.


Week 26 Newsletter


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