Week 2, Summer CSA



  • Garlic Scapes The deliciously sweet and flavorful flowering stalk of the garlic plant. Use it like you would a head of garlic.
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Bok Choy
  • Head Lettuce Back again with the beautiful Red butter and green romaine types.
  • Hinona Kabu Turnips They’re sweet and slightly spicy, with a mild turnip flavor. The vibrantly colored, purple and white, roots are great sliced and added to a salad, fried in asian sauces, or if you’re daring… pickled!.
  • Fava Beans Last week of the favas for awhile.We recommend cooking this week’s favas instead of eating them fresh. We will have another round later that will be good for fresh eating again! 



Farm Happenings

We have had a very enjoyable week out here at the farm. Over the last month we’ve felt like we were in a never-ending push to get all of our young, needy, quickly growing plants into the ground.

The first of the dry beans popping up out in Stayton.

The first of the dry beans popping up out in Stayton.

We seemed to be working everyday of the week, passing up our day of rest without realizing it (we’re still trying to figure out which day that is). When we weren’t planting, we were starting more plants, which often-times felt a bit counter-productive. Why put more plants into the greenhouse when we’ve been fighting so hard to empty the greenhouse?

That’s the way spring always goes: You create all this work for yourself as winter is ending and you’re rearing to go. Then about halfway through the spring rush, you start to question the motives of your earlier self saying things like, “what sort of a lunatic would start this many plants anyway?” and, “who is responsible for those decisions?”

Then you realize that you are in fact the lunatic, and—frighteningly—the one responsible for all the decisions, and it occurs to you that you better keep on rowing or you might find yourself wrecked on some rocky outcrop, watching soil and mangled seed-leaves float on by downstream…

P1040822However, on the other side of the planting rush—which is where we are now—it feels good. We still worked all week, but the urgency and that little bit of anxiety associated with the approaching rapids, has subsided.   We can look back at the fields of quickly growing vegetables, satisfied with a feeling of accomplishment, and excited at the prospect of harvesting the vegetables of our labor.

We’ve taken more time this week doing field walks, dialing in our fertility and cultivation strategy, gearing up for our upcoming Saturday Market debut on June 21st (come out and see us!), and thinking more intently about better ways to market the CSA to our Salem and Hillsboro communities (we planted all of those vegetables for a reason, after all).

With the urgency of the season at a momentary pause, we’ve used the opportunity to stick our heads up and look what’s coming around the bend, thinking about where we need to invest our energies now to put the farm in a good position for next season, with more infrastructure to set up and more land to manage.

Check out this week's salad recipe in the newsletter!

Check out this week’s salad recipe in the newsletter!

Next year is still a ways off—and we both know the immediacy of this season will sweep our attention back up before we know it—but we have felt fortunate for the chance to get a good look at the season before us and enter into that landscape with forethought and intention.

We pulled some great vegetables out of the field this week, and we hope you enjoy them.



Week 7 Newsletter - Winter 2014




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