Week 9, Winter 2014


A boquet of winter flowers, from your farmer to you.


  • Black Turtle Beans (dry) – These black beans, as many of our CSA members have commented enthusiastically, have a flavor incomparable to store-bought black beans.  That’s because we just harvested them this last fall, which means they are fresh.
  • Red Cooking Onions
  • Cooking Turnips
  • Carrots
  • Red Beets
  • Parsnips
  • Yellow Finn Potatoes
  • Castelfranco Chicories Chicories are back! These small, compact chicory heads are what we refer to as “winter’s lettuce”.  These vegetables are hardy, leafy greens that can be eaten fresh out of the field all winter long.  We describe their flavor as sweet, bitter, and slightly citrusy like a grapefruit.  They can be eaten either cooked or fresh.




Farm Happenings

The greenhouse is finished and the first seeds of the season have been sown. The feeling of spring is in the air and the plants are looking good out in the field. This week we are excited to be harvesting more greens for all of you! The fields are coming alive and things we thought were dead are sprouting back to life. It has been amazing to watch the vigor of these small little plants and how they go dormant until the warmth comes back again.

With the change in the weather has come a shift in our schedule as we enter into the start of the busy season. We are now feeling more of the pressure to get things done before planting season comes.

This winter we have spent a great deal of time reflecting on our farm and CSA to see how we can improve it in the upcoming years. One of the things that we are going to change is our missed CSA pick-up policy. As we take on more land and start the farmer’s market in June we want to make sure that we have a easy way to communicate about missed CSA pick-ups, both for our members and for us as we get into the peak of our busy season.

If you forget to come to pick-up or you know that you will be unable to make it, please let us know either by phone (503-779-7432) or by email (harvest@osprey farm.com).

When you contact us please let us know the following:

  •   What vegetables you would like this week (they are posted every Tuesday at the latest by 3:00p.m.)
  • What day and approximate time that you would like to pick up your share.
  • Where you would like to pick up your share.

You can either pick-up your share at the pick-up location (Cascade Family Care, 1095 Liberty St. NE) Wednesday or Thursday from 9a.m. to 5p.m.  -or-  at our home in West Salem any day. If you would like to pick up at the clinic we need to know by 8:00p.m. the night before, so that we can send your share there in the morning. If we hear from you later than that we may not be able to get your share there until the next day. If you pick up at our home we will send you directions and can leave a bag for you on our porch if we are going to be gone.  

Once you have contacted us we will confirm what day and time will work. If you contact us by email, we may not get your message until later, so if you want to have a quick response, please contact us by phone.

We hope that this process will make it easier on all of us when dealing with a missed pick-up. It is not a problem if you cannot make it to a pick-up, just make sure to contact us with this information, so that we can get you your vegetables!

We will post a link on the CSA pages on our website with this information if you forget. Let us know if you have any questions about this new procedure.

Thanks again for all your support and patience as we refine our operations this first year.

Enjoy this week’s vegetables! 




Week 7 Newsletter - Winter 2014

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