Week 25 Vegetables

Storage Kohlrabi

Gigante KohlrabiThese big, gnarly, green vegetables have a center that is light, crunchy and sweet. We peel them, slice them up into sticks or wedges and snack on them all day long. This is the perfect vegetable for kids. It makes a great coleslaw base if you shred it, and a great salad ingredient if you slice it thin.  They can also be roasted, stir fried, or added to a hearty winter soup.

Chioggia Beets

Baby Kale

German Butterball Potatoes

Palla Rossa, Treviso, & Castelfranco Chicories – These small, compact, cabbage-like heads are what we refer to as “winter’s lettuce”.  We describe their flavor as sweet, bitter, and slightly citrusy like a grapefruit. They can be eaten either cooked or fresh.

Brussels Sprouts


Baby Carrots

Parsnips – As they are closely related to carrots, they can be used in almost the exact same way. They are sweeter, and have a much stronger flavor. This makes them well suited to making soups, stocks, or casseroles. They do not need to be peeled, unless you find the skin undesirable. They are great chopped up and roasted. We love boiling them with potatoes until soft and making a puree with butter and garlic.



Winter Break Bulk Orders

Next week is the last week of the Summer CSA. You may have realized that there will be a three week break before the Winter CSA begins in January, but don’t worry! We will be offering orders for bulk vegetables both for the last week of the CSA and the week of Dec 22nd (halfway through the break).

How does this work? Below is our bulk order vegetable list. If you would like to purchase any of these vegetables—most of which store very well—for the break, you can place your order with us by phone or email by Friday, Dec 6th. Once you have placed your order, we will harvest/fill it, put your order in a box with your name and invoice, and bring it to the last pick-up on Mon, Dec 6th. You will then take your order home along with that week’s share. Orders after Friday may not be filled, so try to get your or-ders in as soon as you can.

Enjoy this week’s vegetables!


Week 25 Newsletter

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