Week 20 Vegetables

Week 20 Share

Cauliflower – These beautiful cauliflower heads are finally starting to head up. Try roasting them with a little bit of olive oil and salt.

Broccoli Raab – This week’s broccoli shoots are more sweet and tender thanks to the colder nights.

Red and Yellow Sweet Peppers – The peppers are starting to wind down. Enjoy this mix of Gatherer’s Gold, Stocky Red Roaster, and Jolene’s Red Italian.

Green Peppers – If you would like to take a break from sweet peppers, try these green peppers which add a rich flavor to dishes without having an overwhelmingly sweet flavor.

Salad Mix – This week’s mix has 3 different varieties of lettuce (Winter Density, Merlot, Fine Cut Oak), 3 varieties of mustards  (Ruby Streaks, Mizuna, Yakina Savoy) and 3 varieties of chicories (Treviso, Palla Rosa, Castelfranco), which make for a very flavorful mix.

Red and Green Celery

Yellow Finn Potatoes


Fennel Bulb

Red Cooking Onions


Farm Happenings

Thank you for all of your interest in the Winter CSA!   We have almost filled the 20 share limit, so if you are still interested in joining us for the winter please let us know soon. When we fill the 20 spots we will start a waiting list and will add more people, if we are able, after we have completed our fall harvests.

The past week has been a busy week for us as we have continued our fall harvests and have begun prepping for our big garlic planting that will be part of next year’s Summer CSA season. We are planting 50 lbs. of garlic seed, which will yield about 2000 heads of garlic. Out of this planting we will have garlic scapes, green garlic and garlic heads that will add flavor to all of our meals next year. We are excited for our second season, because we’ll be able to add more diversity in what we offer through overwintering crops such as garlic.

This week the weather has taken an abrupt turn. Rain is creeping in and colder nights are taking over. The transition in weather marks a change in the seasonal eater’s diet as peppers and lettuce will be phased out and replaced by brussel sprouts, cabbage, chicories, mustard greens, sweet baby kale, winter squash, and much more. With the colder nights the Brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) become sweeter. We look forward to this change as winter is our favorite time to eat.

In other news we bought a truck! After harvesting with our Honda CR-V for over a month we are excited about the prospect of having a working truck that can handle the heavy loads and the dirt. Thank you to those of you that helped us in the search.

We hope you enjoy this week’s vegetables.


Week 20 Newsletter

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